Monday, 3 September 2007

Silver & Purple Curls and a new image...

This will be a bracelet to match the previous necklace, crocheted in silver wire with the irridescent tear-drop beads on the points. It has a double row of points this time, and is not as wide as the necklace - I just have to attach a clasp this evening. £10 + p&p SOLD
This is a long curly scarf using soft lilac wool for the inner rows and some Sirdar 'Vegas' yarn in the Stardust shade for the outer row. When worn it looks like a feather boa! Very warm too. This started out as an economical project as I had the lilac wool from a boot sale, and bought the Vegas in the bargain section at Hobbycraft the other day. Then I ran out of the Vegas half way through and the only place I could find that shade again was on the Texere yarns website, so had to pay full whack for another ball as well as postage - aagh! Still, it was worth it as the scarf is lovely, very glam! £17 + p&p
This is just a personal note - having shown you my daughter a while back, she has since gone to the hairdressers and had her first 'grown-up' hairstyle! I haven't been holding her back in any way, she has always preferred her hair in a simple bob cut. However, we had a chat and agreed it would be nice to have a new style as she starts college next week. Trouble is, I think she looks even cuter like this (I know I'm biased!) and can't help sneaking extra glances at her 'cos she makes me go 'aaaah...'


natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
It's about time I bought a piece of your jewellery I think!!
I love this bracelet, but worried about the size, my wrist is large, around 8", and I hate anything tight, so would like it at least 9". Would it fit? or can you adjust it?

Alison Ashwell said...

Your daughter's hair looks lovely =)