Sunday, 18 May 2008

Bags & Blackberries..

That lot of yarn from a car boot sale the other day has served me well - the above is another bag made from some pretty ribbon and fluffy acrylic mix that I picked up. It is fully lined with white cotton, has a plaited handle and three crochet flowers with button centres as decoration. £15 + P&P
I have more of the same yarn but in shades of deep pink, and that will probably be my next project - except I have been sent another dress to knit for WearDowney. Eek! It's just as well I have stocked up well for summer fairs as the dress will take a fair bit of time, but at least it's guaranteed payment.
I don't remember where I picked up this glorious Italian yarn - probably from a shop as I only had the one ball and I know it's expensive. If this had been 50p per ball, I'd have a stock of it!! So, the challenge was to make something small to show off the yarn without wasting it. This is a small pouch-like bag which could be used for and Ipod or DS as it has a shoulder strap and closes with a tie. The sides and strap are crocheted in purple cotton yarn. Little bit funky - the yarn just begs to be stroked too! £10 + P&P
I have been struggling creatively to think of how to use my new found skills (and I use the term loosely!) in wire-bashing. I have made a lot of mistakes and thrown an awful lot of wire in the bin and decided to stop for a while until inspiration struck as it was an expensive way to play! Yesterday, while walking the dogs in the pouring rain, I was looking at the hedgerows and the fast growing nettles and brambles. The new shoots of the blackberry brambles caught my eye, as they all had three serrated leaves and made a very pleasing shape which I wondered if I could achieve with wire. Happily, it all went really well with no mistakes and soon I had five leaves complete with serrations ready to be 'aged' in the oven with the baked squash (baked squash is not a prerequisite to the aging process, that was our supper...)

Later, when they had cooled down and achieved a subtle glow as opposed to the bright orange of copper, I put them together with some hand-made blackberries and little white flower shaped buttons which were perfect as the blossoms. (Now I know why I hold on to all buttons & beads I come across in my travels!) Years ago in my teens I had a book which had a few pages on just about every craft you could care to name. One section fascinated me in particular and that was the art of making life-like berries & fruit using beads that was apparently very popular with Victorians. I remember struggling to create a few berries back then but not knowing what on earth to do with them - well it's taken 30 years but I've finally found a use for them! Oh yes, it's a necklace by the way on copper links with black seed beads - £20 + P&P

Having seen Sybille's mini anvil, I couldn't resist and have ordered one for myself. I can't wait to get it although I have a feeling I might look like Gulliver gate-crashing a Richard Dadd painting....

Finally, the zebra is progressing really well and may even be finished today - lots of spare time as my other half is still in Belgium and not coming home this weekend.

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Magpie Magic said...

The bags are so cute and beg to be put into your very own Etsy shop. Yep, I am still nagging! I am good at this, I've had years of practice, so why not give in now and open that Etsy shop? LOL

The blackberry necklace is really sweet. I love the leaves - I thought they were silver! - and the berries look almost edible. Very pretty.

I know what you mean about taking your inspiration from nature - especially for wire - there are just so many pleasing shapes when you look around that just beg to be done in wire.