Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Zebra so far....

It has been a frustrating time for painting, the past ten days or so. There just hasn't been much spare time and without at least an hour to devote to it, I can't settle at my desk - and I can't paint in the evenings as the light is just too poor and I'm too tired. So the zebra is making slow progress. I am pleased with it so far, however. The initial sketch seemed a bit odd, but as I've worked, I have discovered what was throwing it off (one of the legs was slightly at the wrong angle and it made the whole animal look like it was about to keel over!) and corrected it.

So far I have painted in all the stripes, but still have to complete the shadows and shaping as well as making him a bit grubby - no animal is that pristine! The legs are still ghost-like, and the mud and water are far from finished. Quite a way to go, but it is a journey I am enjoying immensely.

For those interested, this is painted in watercolours, although I have used my black brush pen to add depth to the stripes at the base of his belly and to the left of his head. I used to follow the puritanical watercolourist rules, but these days have come to the conclusion that whatever gets the results is worth doing - why do a half-baked job for the sake of saying you followed the 'rules'? The phrase 'mixed media' covers a multitude of sins!!


Laura said...

The zebra is looking wonderful.

ladylinoleum said...

It looks really great so far! However, I understand your impatience with regard to getting back to it.

You've no idea how much food I've consumed since arriving in your fair city. It's ridiculous!