Friday, 23 May 2008

Ups & Downs

What a funny old 48 hours! It's been a busy time with some highs and lows. I acquired the above semi-precious stones yesterday - the family of a little girl where I work are leaving next week for Australia and the mum brought in a box of these saying it was her collection since she was a child but she'd forgotten to pack it in the container and was unable to take it on the plane, would we like them. Nobody could think of a use for them in reception class that wouldn't be a total waste, so they got given to me. I felt for the lady in question - I remember having to leave most of my possessions behind when we returned from living in Greece and it was awful. So I made her a necklace last night with a few of them so that she could have a little piece of her collection with her - didn't have time to photograph it unfortunately.

My mini-anvil arrived - what fun that is!! It is a great help when hammering wire and I'm very pleased I bought it - let's hope my skills improve accordingly!

Got a new Amigurumi book - the patterns are not very exciting, but at the back is a gallery of various people's work and I soooo want to try and make the tiniest green chameleon out of cotton...wish me and my eyesight luck!

On the downside, we sold our beloved VW Beetle last had to be done, as with my SO now working in Belgium the poor car was just sitting outside in the elements being neglected. Plus we have a 'new' car (new to us anyway) to pay for, so the Beetle had to go. It was quite a wrench seeing it being driven off, but at least the man who bought it is an enthusiast and was already planning what he was going to do to it so I guess Dolores has gone somewhere where she'll be appreciated....

Half-term began for me today - hooray! Ghastly day at work with a mega meltdown by a little boy with a heap of problems, which scared the rest of the children considerably and left me and the teacher pretty upset too. I'm just glad I have a week in which to chill out and get on with some arts & crafts. Have a good weekend!


Magpie Magic said...

The stones are lovely, lucky you! :-)

Shame about the Beetle. Hope it likes its new home.

Enjoy the holidays and hopefully see you Tuesday! :-)

natural attrill said...

What a lovely present. They couldnt have found a better home.
Yep, we are looking forward to meeting you too!