Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Leaves & Lilies

Another necklace featuring bashed-wire leaves - it's a case of having found a shape that works and using it to death I think! This time the leaves are from brass wire, and I have combined them with three vintage pink lily beads and some assorted green glass lampwork beads. They are hung on a hand-made chain using figure-of-eight links this time, which adds a bit of weight to the whole thing - it feels lovely and substantial when worn as well as having the obligatory tinkling noise! Very pretty and feminine - the flowers and leaves work well together and have a fresh Spring-time feel to them. £16 + P&P

The little bracelet is not for sale - it's a gift for a colleague's birthday - hope she likes it!

I'm currently working on some sketches for a very exciting possible project - don't want to jinx it by telling everyone, but keep your fingers crossed for me!


natural attrill said...

I like the colours of the lilly necklace!

Magpie Magic said...

The lily necklace is so pretty. I love apple green and pink, such a lovely combination and the leaves and the little brass bird just finish it off.

The bracelet is really pretty too. Lots of soft colours, I am sure your colleague will love it!