Sunday, 7 February 2010


What a waste of a week! Ended up going to the doctors to discover I have bronchitis..I've spent the past four days either shivering or burning up, coughing like an old man, and today's icing on the cake is a crashing sick headache. Hopefully the antibiotics are starting to take effect, as today is the first day for a week without a fever.

So I have been too unfit to even pick up knitting needles, let alone a pencil or paintbrush. The above is a very old coloured pencil sketch of my two dogs, both now sadly deceased, but it does make me smile!

On a positive note, today I can officially declare the potato illustrations over! The last three paintings that needed minor alterations have been approved and taken away. If all goes well, the book should be published in the Spring. You still have a week to enter my giveaway for the 101st potato painting - with any luck, I will never, ever have to paint another potato!


Magpie Magic said...

Poor you! Bronchitis is awful. :-( Hope the antibiotics kick in soon and make you feel better.

Cute drawing. :-)

Congrats on the potatoes being finished. All hail the Potato Queen! ;-)

Sue Doran said...

No animal knows how to relax quite so completely as a dog on a sofa! Mine is curled up in the lap of her dad in front of the fire. You capture it so well. Wishing you well very soon.

soggibottom said...

Think of all the people who will see your spud paintings, then they will want one too. You might end up painting onions next. Great for bronchitis so I've heard.
Beautiful painting by the way...Thank you.....really pleased you let us all see.
x x x
This one must be dear to your heart.