Friday, 19 February 2010


Here she is, after a week's hard work, Daisy the Cow finished and complete. I love it when someone gives me a commission which is completely outside my comfort zone, because after the initial panic and thoughts of 'Oh God, what have I agreed to? I can't do that?' it is lots of fun to work out exactly how it can be done.

Daisy has been knitted in acrylic yarn, with safety-backed plastic eyes, a red ribbon and little cow-bell. She has wool-jointed legs so is fully poseable...when she feels like it!

She has curly grey horns, lovely black markings, and even a set of (non-functional although wouldn't that be fun!) udders.

I have sort of written down the pattern for this as I went along with a vague idea of either being able to knit another cow should anyone want one, or selling the pattern at some point on Etsy. I haven't decided yet, but if you fancy owning a cloned Daisy, do let me know - she will cost you £20 plus p& p.

And as the sun is actually shining here today, I have been able to get a decent photograph of the gazelle painting in which the black is black and the colours and light are correct. This is how it really looks!


Sarah Summers said...

Oh Caroline, this Gazelle illustration is gorgeous, it looks so graceful.

fhiona galloway said...

ho ho! Cool wee cow :0))
Great antelope illustration too!

Sallie said...

Daisy the cow is absolutely adorable! So cute!

The gazelle is fabulous! As I have said before, you are so talented.

Magpie Magic said...

WOW! Love your moo-cow. The details are amazing. :-)

The gazelle is so pretty and graceful.

soggibottom said...

I can see that deer is so good that I can almost hear it clomping up and down our stream. Have to moooooove on. x x x great job Caroline

Boomka said...

That cow is hilarious and awesome. Its like a person, except its a cow, and its not real. Its like a not real person cow. Get it? OK good, I was worried I was sounding weird. Good job!

Helz said...

Wow, to both the gazelle and the gorgeous cow!! You are so talented Caroline. Helz x