Sunday, 14 February 2010

We Have A Winner!

I nearly forgot to do this! Thank you all for putting your names down for this giveaway - I wish I could give you all a present, but there is no way I am painting ten more potatoes!

So all the names were put into a bowl - excuse the fuzzy live-action shots!

Then my daughter kindly pulled out a piece of paper..........drum roll please.....

...and the winner is Midge at Soggibottom! This did make me laugh as Midge has been gently pulling my leg about the endless spud painting over the past few months - now she has her own to put on the wall!

Thanks again to all of you for entering - I will be glad to see the back of this little painting however.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Rest Of Valentine's Day - I hope you all were shown a little love by someone today.


soggibottom said...

Yes of cause I have been messing...but how fantastic...I really, really love it...THANK YOU STACIE Thank you Caroline.. x x x

I truely only ever have real art on the cottage wall... I have a space for this fellow, I will make sure I tell everyone that passes the "spud" that a lovely fantastic artist and friend of mine WHO TAKES COMMISSIONS painted it... x x x x
lots of love Midge It found a really good home :-)

Boomka said...

Midge and the Soggibottom Spuds... it sounds like a band? I will look for your album release and a following tour. Good job! Jolly good!