Monday, 13 September 2010

Ammonite Amulet

The special mother of pearl ammonite just couldn't wait, it had to be made into something straight away. It was tough trying to find beads and charms that wouldn't overpower the ammonite - hopefully I've been successful.

I mounted the ammonite on silver wire with a large loop at either end and a simple wooden bead to act as a base and also to hide the end of the wire loop. Hanging from the bottom loop are various delicate beads in marine greens, as well as tiny polished pebble beads together with silver charms. I tried to choose charms in keeping with the ammonite - a fish, a spiral and a tiny beach scene made from mother of pearl too. I have a real fondness for this totem/amulet style of jewellery using special objects that have a deeper meaning to the wearer. I have made several items in the past for customers using found objects from a special holiday such as pebbles and shells and it gives me great pleasure to think of the memories and feelings evoked in the wearer.

I don't have any plans to sell this necklace, but if you feel you really have to have it, do get in touch - let's face it, I can't wear everything I make!

I've been working on this novelty necklace - a wire bird's nest interwoven with feathers, organza ribbon and shiny black beads with a tiny egg in the centre of the nest. From beneath the nest hang a couple of black feathers and the whole thing is on a black wire chain with black will be a long chain when I get around to finishing it. Have to admit I was having trouble with the black wire and the beads not all having the same sized hole, so it got put in my WIP box for a while. Hopefully it will get completed some time soon!


fhiona galloway said...

oh lovely necklace Caroline!!
I have one similar to this called waterfall.

Sallie said...

The ammonite necklace is really pretty. You did a great job. The feather on is cool, too, although I would sneeze if I wore it.

soggibottom said...

Beautiful "stuff" Caroline......
Really love what you have made with the amminite.
What Frank to help out with feathers for you.... sorry ! couldn't resist.
It's really good, I'm so helpless wth beads. I always love to wear something that is "a one off".
This looks very chic. :-) x x x

Magpie Magic said...

Lovely necklaces. The ammonite one is very pretty, but I'd alway go for the nest/feather one. Love that one, but both are really special. I agree, jewellery should be more than a few pretty beads... xo