Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well, this is one Tyrannosaur you won't hear crashing through the undergrowth - I think he's a bit light in the loafers if you know what I mean, what with his floral pattern and the natty polka-dot green bow tie. But he is rather cute and cuddly which is not a bad thing to be, so you can't be afraid of his gleaming white teeth, no matter how hard he gnashes them.

He has been made from a piece of vintage floral fabric, with pink felt for his tummy, inner mouth and soles of his feet. He has yellow safety backed eyes, and button-jointed forearms. He has buttons on his hind legs too, but it was impossible to make them jointed as the body was far too thick for any needle I possess to go through, so they are sewn in place.

I'm really pleased with how this experiment turned out - I think there will be more of these.....I have patterns for a stegosaurus and a tricerotops too.

He is now going up for adoption on my Etsy shop.

I've just had to have a bit of a sit down with a cup of tea in order to recover....we went blackberrying with the dog and while we weren't looking, someone across the field flushed out two deer. Next thing we saw was our high-powered saluki racing towards a main road at full tilt after them. Thank the Good Lord my dog comes back when called (bellowed at several times) even with such an exciting prey racing ahead. Shame the camera was at home this time - now that would have made some photo!


WendyCarole said...

he is so cute I love him

soggibottom said...

Gulp !
Ah yer see that's why my camera is always in my pocket... expect the unexpected...
yeah, cute dinoruseeeeesy thing. He is good... :-) Will I encounter him on Charmouth Beach I wonder :-) x x x

Magpie Magic said...

Wow,love the dinosaur - he's ever so cute. Shame my son's too old for dinosaurs nowadays.... Can't wait to see the other ones. I bet they'll be a hit! xo

fhiona galloway said...

so cute! this is like a liberty's toy!