Friday, 17 September 2010

Who's This?

Deep in the undergrowth, something stirs and peeks out between the leaves.....'s another one of those flowery dinosaurs! A triceratops this time, sewn in a lovely pink and green upholstery fabric with a pattern of leaves and roses.

This fabric (and I have quite a lot of it) has been lurking in my craft supplies for years - so long that I am not even sure where I obtained it from. It's been used for cushions, lampshades, bag linings, and now a dinosaur. The horns, spikes, belly and soles of the feet are green felt and she has safety backed green eyes.

The legs are sewn in place - until I get a really long needle (Do they make them about 4 inches long? Do tell me if you know!) all the legs on these dinosaurs will have to be fixed in place, but that doesn't detract from their appeal.

This young lady will be going into my Etsy shop very shortly.

Whilst in the garden, I realised that with the nights getting chillier it was time to pick all the grapes from my vine. After getting the step ladder and picking through all the leaves to get every last bunch, I was amazed at just how many there were.

I weighed them, and with taking off a bit for the bowls, there are approximately 10 lbs (5 kilos) here! I've decided it's going to be grape jelly, not the wine with this lot - at least with jelly I know what I am doing.

While I was doing this, someone was watching intently.......

....I actually caught him sitting on the top of a mound of grapes picking out the bugs, but when he saw me and my camera he flitted on to the washing line.

- O-

For the past fortnight, my son and his girlfriend have been in Borneo. I've tried really hard to be sanguine about this and not worry, but I can't deny I'll be glad when they get home tomorrow. I wonder if he managed to find any beads..........


fhiona galloway said...

ah so sweet that triceratops!
Cute wee robin too :0))
Wow! what a hoard of grapes!
hope you son brings back some lovely beads for you :0)

PG said...

You need doll needles, I get mine from here, could not do without them for thread jointing!

Caroline B said...

Thanks Gretel - I've actualy bought teddy eyes from this lot so should have them bookmarked.

Teje said...

Hello! You were more lucky with your grapes than us even we live in Crete! We didn't pick any.
Your dinosaur is wonderful, you have lovely fantacy!
Best wishes Teje

WendyCarole said...

ooooh I do like your triceratops and the wee robin.
Ihave bought doll needles in variious sizes so you should be ok finding a 4" one

Caroline B said...

Thanks for the help - I am now waiting for a packet of three assorted doll needles which I am sure will make life a lot easier!