Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Halfway Horse....

Today saw the completion of half of the double horse portrait - I'm very pleased with how he has turned out, the sunshine on the righthand side of his face really gave some lovely contrasts which worked well when drawn. Now I have to sit with tracing paper and the grid system and work out the enlargement of the other horse from a much smaller photograph - no easy way of doing this I am afraid.

Last night I finished a complicated cotton top that I have been knitting for the past three weeks. I unravelled a jumper I made several years ago that I no longer wear and re-knitted it into this empire line top. This pattern was a bit of a puzzle to decipher - for some reason instead of using the international knitting symbols on the chart, the designer had used letters of the alphabet...and printed really small. Added to this was the fact it was knitted in the round and they omitted to say a purl row had to be made inbetween the lace rows - anyone new to knitting would have got in a terrible muddle.

But it got done successfully and now I am waiting for it to dry (hence it lying on a towel on the floor) so that I can wear it before the weather gets too cold.


Magpie Magic said...

Wow the horse potrait looks totally fab! Can't wait to see the next half and the picture completed. :-)

Love the top. It was worth the hassle. Looks very, very cute. I am jealous! :-) xo

Raggy Rat said...

love your horse and your first feather ... i just finished a dog painting !pics soon

fhiona galloway said...

wow Caroline! this is such a good horse portrait! love it!

soggibottom said...

Mr horse seems to jump right out at you. Hope you have a good bucket in there. Actually, he's a lovely guy.
As for the cotton top, another great make. I would have been in a muddle just unpicking the jumper to start with. :-) x x x

Teje said...

Hello Caroline, The Horse is wonderful - so alive! It has needed a lot of work!
You have knitted also lovely top!
Wishes Teje