Friday, 10 September 2010


Here is the latest completed commission, a rather fine pony called Scarlett. It was lovely to paint a horse again - this was done purely in watercolour and had a couple of little challenges in that the only reference photo had chopped off an ear, half the tail and two feet. So it was time to bring out the reference books and dredge through my memory too and improvise a little.

Next one on the agenda is a double horse portrait in Derwent pencils, just the heads this time. So different techniques to be used and larger paper.

If you would like your pet(s) or family to have their portrait painted, do get in touch but please bear in mind if you want a painting to be for a Christmas present, I will need to know very soon as I already have three commissions lined up and I work through in the order I receive them

- O -

You'll be pleased to know that stuffing has been purchased so the pretty dinosaur will be put together properly this evening - watch this space.


Laura said...

You're SO good, Caroline! The painting is marvellous.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Mr Rex .....

Laura x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Caroline, this painting is so wonderful! Horses are great!
Have a nice weekend! Teje and Nero