Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

So, it was the beginnings of a carrot!  The next day I went and bought a large ball of orange yarn and knitted one properly - it's the one on the right.  They don't look that different from the front, but the lefthand carrot has a very obvious seam at the back and a bit of a mis-shapen head.  I felt too sorry for him to throw him away, so gave him a face and leafy hair anyway.  If you can give me a good enough reason as to why you need a knitted carrot in your life, you can have him - it's a spur-of-the-moment giveaway!

I also made a pod full of peas - look at their little faces!  If you are interested in the peas, get in touch - I am thinking to put them on a keychain.

My daughter has been banging on about Halloween for a couple of weeks now - I think we have visited every shop within a five mile vicinity that has Halloween merchandise on display!  So to indulge her this weekend, we have had Halloween cupcakes, have watched the scariest film in our collection (Stephen King's The Mist), she is wearing her Salem t-shirt as well as a necklace of flashing ghosts, and we carved the pumpkin together this morning and made soup out of the scrapings.  The soup will be eaten tonight along with some tasty hotdogs.  I learnt a neat trick in decorating a pumpkin this year - poke holes in the side (we used a screwdriver) and gently press in some coloured plastic beads - instant sparkle!

I also learned something else this year - when putting pumpkin soup into a blender, next time wait for it to cool down.  The lid flew up from the heat and I managed to pumpkin-spackle the toaster, the wall, a rack of kitchen utensils, myself and the dog's bed.  Possibly the dog as well but he was travelling too fast for me to see.

Have a Happy Halloween!


soggibottom said...

Sounds like your place is the place to be tonight.
One of us has already dipped into the treats.... NOT ME........
Lovely little fellows your CARROTS. nothing like the thing I said it was :-). I knew it was a carrot really............ I only typed the first thing that came into my head :-)
Not sure what I would do with one of the carrots. Maybe place him sticking out of one of the soggibottom bear's costumes pockets.:-) xxx HAve a happy Halloween Stacie xxxxx

WendyCarole said...

they look very happy carrots and made me smile

Jo Sacker said...

I have to say such a friendly looking (ginormous) carrot would make a very sad guinea pigs day!

Sallie said...

Happy Halloween to you, too. The carrots and peas are very cute. I really like the pumpkin, too.

I hope you did not burn yourself when the soup went flying in your kitchen. Hot soup is always tricky.

fhiona galloway said...

carrots and peas are so cute!!!

soggibottom said...

Do I get another try for another comment... well only asking ! :-) :-)