Monday, 11 October 2010

Teeny-Tiny Kangaroo & Joey

Here it is, the cutest kangaroo you will see today! It is just 4 inches tall, hand sewn out of felt and even has a baby joey peeking out of the pouch.

This was terrific fun to make, although it was another 5 hour project, one hour spent cutting out the pattern alone. I've adapted it as usual - no wire in the legs and they are jointed instead of fixed for added fun - thank goodness I had invested in a 3 inch needle recently! I'm sorry to say, the joey is fixed - wouldn't it have been fun to have been able to take him out? But he is just a head and neck and glued into the pouch.

This is going straight on to Etsy now!

1 comment:

Magpie Magic said...

Very cute. Love the changes you made. Poseable legs are definitely a must. :-) xo