Sunday, 10 October 2010

Those Bears Get Everywhere!

Yesterday we had a couple of only stopped for a few minutes, the other is here for good. Midge from Soggibottom Cottage in Devon popped by on her way to visit her daughter and brought us a lovely hand-made bear as well as some other goodies.

The visitor that stayed quickly found a friend and they shared a cream tea with some delicious clotted cream all the way from Devon.

Unfortunately, the new bear's first day was not without it's perils.....don't be fooled by the innocent expression here. While we went out for lunch, he thought he would get to know the bear a little better.....when we got home, the bear really did have a 'soggibottom'! But that was all, thank goodness, and we have decided that this bear will have to live up in Stacie's room away from curious dogs - I think Midge must have stuffed this one with kibble, he just won't leave it alone!


soggibottom said...

catnip !
:-) no, not really :-)
So pleased the bear found a fantastic home.
Looks like the bear is in the pink.

Ah Clovis, there is always a chance you will have something next time we pass, catnip mouse maybe :-)xxx

Magpie Magic said...

LOL Bear-hem at your house... :-) Very cute. xo

Raggy Rat said...

wow nice visitor ! :-)

Cora Shaw said...

Love your dog. I too have to put all my toys on shelves away from curious dogs. Leo managed to get an eye out on one of my elephants! Leo is a long haired miniature Dachshund. So far Scrappy has left my toys alone :) Scrappy is a wire haired miniature Dachshund Fox Terrier Cross (Foxie Doxie as they are called).