Friday, 8 October 2010

Mini Flamingo!

Well, you all know my weakness for flamingoes - I've painted them many times and named my Etsy shop after them - so when I came across a Japanese pattern book that included a tiny felt flamingo, it just had to be mine.

I thought this would be fairly easy to make as it didn't have too many pattern pieces, but in actual fact it took me roughly five hours as it was extremely fiddly. It only stands 5 inches tall, so you can imagine the thickness (thinness!!) of the legs, neck and beak. I also preferred to add a few of my own touches - the black end to the beak, embroidered 'toes', and I have omitted the wire from the legs as I always like my little creatures to be as child friendly as possible.

This will be going on to Etsy within the next couple of days after I have decided whether or not to attach a chain or ribbon in order for the mascot to hang...perhaps I will allow the customer to choose.

Next on the agenda is a kangaroo.....with a pouch....with a baby joey inside....eeeeeee!!!


soggibottom said...

Paints 'em and makes 'em.
:-) x x x

Magpie Magic said...

Very cute! And so fiddly! I can see why it took five hours... It would have taken me 5 months. LOL If I'd ever have finished it... Can't wait to see Kanga and Roo. :-) xo

Teje said...

Lovely and qute!!! The sweet pink is perfect!
Have a lovely weekend!