Thursday, 4 November 2010

33 RPM

Here is the top-down t-shirt sweater knitted in Rico Poems yarn - what lovely stuff that is!  This was a really quick knit - probably less time to knit than it is taking me to iron the thing! 

It's been a long time since I knitted a guinea pig.....I seem to remember there was a mad rush on them at the last Christmas fairs I did and then a hiatus until now.  This one already has a home - he really is very cute with his tufty long hair and beady brown eyes.  He has a squeaker and fully jointed legs and likes to eat peas.  If you would like a guinea pig, short or long-haired, any  colour, do get in touch - I'm temporarily between commissions so get your order in while you can!

I have quite an extensive collection of vinyl albums which haven't been touched for years now - my stereo broke and with the advent of CD's and MP3 players, I just never got around to replacing it.  But today I received a pre-Christmas present from me to me of a record and tape player - it looks vaguely similar to one I used to have in my teens!  The difference is that using this one I can transfer all my neglected albums on to the MP3 player - yay!  In the meantime I am listening to albums by Dr. Hook, and Manhatten Transfer - hands up if you remember either of them!  The sound seems so tinny but wonderfully nostalgic...I'm fifteen again....haha!


PG said...

We have a similar one, I keep meaning to transfer my 78's - and yes, I have a Manhatten Transfer single somewhere in my collection!

Sallie said...

I need to get a turn table for my albums. I still have all my albums, too. And yes, I remember Dr. Hook and Manhattan Transfer.

Magpie Magic said...

LOL Love your new turntable too... :-) and I remember Dr. Hook. ;-)

Love the jumper and guinea pig! Fingers crossed you sell loads this year too.


soggibottom said...

This piggy looks like a friend of mine, sylvia's mother, or it could look a little bit more like I was when I was only 16..... May it's the colour of the rolling stone.... .
Dr Hook..... never heard of them. :-)
lovely fluffy piggy buy the way. x x x