Friday, 26 November 2010

Sleep Is For Wimps.......

With the onset of Christmas, life is getting pretty hectic.  I always try very hard to get myself organised but it never works.  Let's face it, I have known for weeks that I have stalls booked at a couple of Christmas fairs, but even so still left it until the week beforehand to re-organise ALL my jewellery stocks/displays.  I have managed to build up a reasonable stock of knitted and sewn items, but not as much as I had hoped - at least this year that was not down to laziness or procrastination but because I have had a steady stream of private commissions, one of which is above.  This poor hound has a bad gash on his back leg and if you look closely, a rather nasty case of conjunctivitis in his left eye.  He's going to need an eye-patch....

Unfortunately, there hasn't been the time to get on with the scarf  I started last week - I picked up some Bergere de France Coton Fifty yarn in a soft sage green a while back in a sale and it looks fantastic used in this rhythmic stitch pattern - it's also nice and repetetive to knit, very soothing.  But that will have to go on the back-burner for a while longer.

If you live in the general Fleet area, I have a stall at the Elvetham Heath Primary School Christmas Fair today, and at Tavistock Infant School on Friday afternoon, 3rd December.  Come & say hello!

My Etsy shop will be closed for the day to avoid any double-sales, re-opening this evening.

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Magpie Magic said...

Busy, busy, busy! Cute dog and I love the scarf! Great pattern... looks much easier than the one I am maybe knitting at the moment. LOL

Good luck at the fair today. Hope you sell loads! xo