Sunday, 14 November 2010

Are You All Right?

I'm still trying to build up a stock of knitted pet sets for Christmas fairs, but instead they keep emigrating to the USA - lucky dogs!  This little pup was knitted recently to replace one of his globe-trotting friends, using a very interesting boucle/eyelash yarn.

I've had the yarn in my stash for quite a while - not too sure what the original plan was, maybe a boring scarf?  Anyway, I thought it might make a nice effect on a knitted dog, a bit like one of those cute Portugese waterdogs.
However, the closer he came to completion, the more he looked to me like he had some kind of exotic skin complaint.  Now I just can't get that idea out of my head!

But I think that adds to his appeal - he does have a very endearing little face, despite incipient mange.....
Once I have completed his accessories, he'll be in my Etsy shop - I wonder who will adopt this one!

One of our little Sunday pleasures is to go and feed the swans, geese, ducks and gulls on Fleet Pond.  Sometimes it is a quiet affair, sometimes there are punch-ups.

A couple of swans having a punch-up is always spectacular!  The victim here was fine - he had to have a bit of a flap to rearrange his feathers, and then kept a healthy distance from the posturing male that didn't want any other bird near 'his' bread.


Clara said...

What a beautiful little doggy you have created. Wonderful swan photos.

Teje said...

Hello! Your puppies are just so sweet and especially this last one with long hair! It looks so alive!
I agree with you about photos - too difficult - I ask help from my dogs...
Best wishes Teje

Magpie Magic said...

Poor little dog. A skin condition! I don't know Caroline, what's happening to you? LOL

He's cute!

Great pics from the pond. :-)


soggibottom said...

Another great make by Caroline.
Mange.... no.... he's name is SPOT.
A really cute Spot.

No one touches my bread either, so can't blame the swan. Mind you I am a rotton cook :-) x x x

natural attrill said...

Sweet little puppy Caroline :o)