Thursday, 24 February 2011


The fox stole is finished - it took longer to sort out the clasp than it did knitting the legs and sewing it all together.  I couldn't find a suitable magnetic fastener in the shops, tried a waistband hook which was not good as it made the head flop.  In the end I used a giant snap fastener which is much better as it means the stole can be worn with the head facing either way.

The original fox stoles were of course dead animals - this one looks like he might just leap off and run away at any moment! 
I'm going to put this one on Etsy and see how it does - there is plenty of time to knit another one for a certain birthday.  I'm quite enthusiastic about a suggestion from Magpie Magic to make variations such as an Arctic Fox - could be very cute!


I Hate You So Much Right Now

It's quite a warm, sunny morning, so I bathed the dog. 'Nuff said....


Sallie said...

The fox turned out very cute.

Poor Clovis! Why is it dogs hate to be bathed so much? My Oscar does not like it either.

Angela said...

How cute is that?! You have so many adorable creations. You inspire me!


Sue said...

Brill Foxy! Much nicer than a real one.

I bathed our dog on Monday; he wasn't at all happy about it! LOL!