Sunday, 20 February 2011

Well Begun is Half Done.......

I don't know about well begun, but this painting of a jellyfish has been on the board for a couple of weeks now, another experiment using the Derwent Inktense pigment sticks.  This time I have been using them as watercolour paints, lifting the pigment off with a wet brush and painting it on.  The water effect was achieved by many layers of colour, with masking fluid cutting out the lighter parts for the first two layers of colour.

The jellyfish has been painted in the white pigment with touches of brown and turquoise.  It is still not quite finished, it needs more watery shadows on the tendrils of the jellyfish, but it has been a strange week and I just haven't felt like painting.

A very complicated project is this pair of wristwarmers being knitted in the recycled blue jeans yarn.  I've chosen a twisted cable pattern which really shows off both the yarn and the stitch texture, but each repeat takes a whole evening to knit, so I don't think they will be completed before the end of next week somehow!

And this is a project just for fun!  If you think it looks like a tail, you are absolutely right.  I saw a pattern in a magazine this month for a knitted fox stole and wanted to make it as a present for someone.  When it came down to starting, I decided I wasn't that keen on the pattern as it wasn't lifelike enough (you know what I'm like about realism!) so I have gone off on my own experimenting and writing it down as I go.  It's a good start, but the tail was the easy part - I'm hoping the head will turn out cute rather than a death mask!!

No news on the tomato front - the seeds are not showing yet, although the Cosmos seedlings have already poked their heads up.  I have a feeling this race has already been won by Soggibottom - still a long way to go before the first tomato though.

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