Thursday, 1 September 2011

Feeling Blue.....

I feel dreadful today......just took the dog to the vets to have his teeth cleaned.  Not only have I had to deny him food and water this morning as it will be done under anaesthetic,  which meant he followed me around whining for two hours, but I had to witness him fall to pieces when he realised I was leaving him at the vets.  Poor Clovis, lying on the floor shaking, scrabbling to get to the door - not the best image to be left with as I walked away.

However, I know that in a few hours I will pick him up and he will be minty-fresh instead of having breath that could gas you at twenty paces.  I hope he forgives the betrayal!
Not long left of the summer holidays - I am back at the day job on Monday.  I am trying to get as much done before then as I can - the fish painting is progressing nicely although I am heartily sick of sea anemones!
The chairs are time consuming as they involve a lot of straight knitting and are quite large compared to what I usually make.  It's been interesting working out how to make them as strong as possible without losing the soft knitted look - thank goodness for foam board!  I think the difficult bit is over now, although I really wish I'd written the pattern for the back section on a piece of paper instead of the foam board...I have to make cushions to the same specifications!  I think it's still fresh in my memory though.

Now to get some last minute cleaning done until it's time to get Clovis - I told them to call me if he starts howling & creating afterwards  (which he will).  Lay your bets now as to how soon it will be before they want me to take him back!
Clovis Update
Just got my poor dog back from the vets, in a right sorry state.  Not only is he confused and shaky after a general anaesthetic, he's had two teeth out and apparently was a heavy bleeder.  This I can tell from the sanguine staining all round his face and ears, poor love - bathtime whenever he's ready.  So it's no walkies for a day and crummy vet's tinned food plus antibiotics for a while.  He is NOT impressed!  I'm not impressed by the staggeringly large bill either but better that than a very poorly dog later on.


fhiona galloway said...

poor Clovis :0((
But as you say-lovely breath later :0)))
Great pic of the fish-look forward to seeing it finished!

Magpie Magic said...

Poor little thing. Cats seem to recover much quicker from such things. :-(

Your armchairs look great. Would look fab as toy house furniture. :-)

The painting is lovely and worth every minute you spend on the anemones. :-) xo

Soggibottom said...

Just playing catch up.... ah, poor Clovis. x x x x