Thursday, 22 September 2011

Shiny, Shiny.......

After a couple of weeks of not having enough time to paint, which was almost physically painful for me, I have now got back into the routine of working at the day job in the mornings and creating enough time in the afternoons to paint.  On the drawing board at the moment is a fairly ambitious project of a peacock - it was going to be a flamingo which would have been far less labour-intensive, but hey, this took my fancy instead. I am using the Derwent set of Inktense pencils and colour blocks - still not tired of them!  This promises to take quite a while if I am to achieve the detail I want - in the meantime, some actual paid work is on the horizon so I may have to shelve the peacock for a while.

Tallking of paid work, we are now nearly into October and Christmas is becoming visible on the horizon.  If you've been thinking that you'd like to commission something from me as a Christmas present, now is the time to get in touch before it's too late.  As much as I'd like to spend all my time painting and knitting, there are only 24 hours in the day and the month before Christmas gets pretty hectic, so to guarantee you get what you want in time, grab me now!
Still working on the knitted aquarium - the cabinet stand is complete and I am now knitting the base and back and still pondering how to attach it all without it collapsing - bearing in mind there will be wires strung across the top to suspend the fish from.  Here are the fish - one new bright orange one and all now with tiny sequin scales.  All three are roughly an inch and a half long.

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