Thursday, 26 January 2012


Two little pugs, present and correct, ready to go on a journey to Canada.  The smaller one is made from felt and has a bed, bowl, food and bone, as well as a smart red polkadot neckerchief.

The larger one is knitted and has wool jointed legs and a real leather collar with ID disc.  These are a commission - if you would like a tiny pug of your own, don't hesitate to get in touch!
The acrylic of Smudge is coming along slowly but surely.  In the photograph her muzzle is covered in sand, which I am having to 'edit'.  Also had to re-work part of her mouth as the alignment of her teeth in my original sketch was slightly out - that's the beauty of acrylics, if you make a mistake it is so easily corrected!

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Magpie Magic said...

Cute little sets. :-) Looks almost like the little pug is a toy for the big pug to play with. :-)

The dog painting is looking great already. xoxo