Monday, 23 January 2012

The First Cuckoo Of Spring......

Here is the project that has been causing me worry for months now - I have been churning it over in my mind wondering how I was going to accomplish a miniature cuckoo clock that had moving components.  Well, turns out it wasn't quite as difficult as I envisioned, although it did entail a lot of very fiddly work.

The bird is attached to a coiled wire which in turn is attached by a carpet tack at the back of the hole.  The doors are hinged with thread and do actually shut enclosing the bird inside.  The bird was made using a small strip of yellow icord and then knitting a tiny triangle of blue which was sewn on for the back and wings - he has a tail (which after all that work can't be seen!), embroidered eyes and the tiniest beak.

The clock face was embroidered and the hands are tiny slivers of card with a pin through the middle to anchor them - the base of the clock is made from several pieces of foamboard glued together so the pin holds very firm - and the hands can be moved. 

The pendulums were knitted and are attached with some old necklace chain.

I am so very relieved this has worked out OK - again, I have to point out that it is only 3 inches tall!  My poor eyes!
During the day I have been working slowly and steadily on the dog portrait.  I tend work from the eye outwards, although spent a fair amount of time on the nose yesterday.  Seems fine so far.....


WendyCarole said...

you are so clever :)

Magpie Magic said...

Wow! Love the clock. Amazing detail.

The dog painting looks great already. Can't wait to see it all finished.