Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Must Learn To Prioritise!

Firstly, yes, putting a dinner plate inside a hat when blocking does result in the perfect beret shape!

Very pleased with that result, we shall use that tip again!

Suddenly the work has started piling up again.  I have made a start on the basic structure of a knitted cuckoo clock - this is going to take some doing, especially as I want to have the cuckoo actually go inside it's doors....a step too far?  We'll give it a go!  Also got some tiny LED light for inclusion in the mini chandelier, also for the animated film.  That will (supposedly) be the last item for the animation- I know I have moaned for England over getting all these tiny things designed and made, but it has been great fun and I know I will miss the challenges.

As well as the above there are three little dog sets to be made and a dog portrait to be painted....... why am I still fiddling about with this crochet scarf?  Hopefully it will be complete by tonight and I can concentrate on the other projects.  I'm also hoping that blocking will work it's usual magic and a beautiful scarf will emerge from what currently looks like an old dish rag.....

1 comment:

Magpie Magic said...

LOL Can't wait to see the cuckoo clock and chandelier. :-)

I have to remember the dinner plate tip for next time I knit something... been very lazy with knitting recently.

The shawl looks nothing like a dishrag, but very small? Or is that the photo? xo