Monday, 14 January 2013


Hey you!  What are you doing up on the sofa?  Off you go.....
...that's right, get down now.
I said 'get down' not 'lie down'!
Oh come on, now you are just being silly....., I don't want to play and no, you are not cute!
OK, yes you are cute, but it's no use giving me puppy eyes - off!

This little guy was a prototype for the animated film but half way through knitting him I remembered that I should not use yarn that is very fluffy or it will produce the KingKong effect when filmed in stop frame - obvious fingermarks!  But I completed him anyway, as I needed to see what the markings would look like and how to do his feet in a slightly different way.  Whilst he won't be starring in a movie, I am sure once he has some accessories and is put in my Etsy shop he will find a good home with someone who won't care how fluffy he is!

Instead of messing about with toy dogs, I should really be getting on with this...
...but I'm having trouble.  It's been planned for so long that I think the execution of it is just not measuring up to the vision I had in my head.  Either that or it's a bad case of the winter blahs.  Whatever it is, I'm not 'feeling it'.  It will get finished regardless - again, perhaps someone out there will like it better than I do right now.

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Sue said...

I love your fuzzy dog. He looks messy like my real dogs.