Wednesday, 17 April 2013

CANOPY - Woollen Woods Exhibition

A few months ago I was asked if I would take part in an open air exhibition consisiting of knitted woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes being displayed in their natural habitat.  Unfortunately, this request came at the time I was swamped with work and I couldn't contribute as much as I wanted to.  I  did manage to rustle up a little knitted bat though and got him in the post to arrive on the last day for entries - I like living dangerously!

Photos of the CANOPY exhibition can be seen here as well as on their Facebook page here.  My bat is in the current batch of photos on Facebook, although I couldn't see him among the other wonderful animals and birds in the woods - he's very small!  A fun exhibition - if you are up in Cumbria, give it a visit, it will be open all summer.

Slow progress on the Paralympic painting as I am back at work this week.  I'm also knitting like crazy as I have a few rush jobs for the animator. 

Our porch has been demolished - it took less than a morning - and the basic structure of the new one is already up.  It has not been as dispruptive as I imagined, but the house is strewn with piles of bags and boxes full of tools, dog walking gear, hats, gloves, shoes, craft materials and packaging.  A golden opportunity to get it all stored properly when the porch is finally finished!

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