Friday, 5 April 2013

Tools of the Trade Part 2

Have I been gorging on chocolates?  No, but I opened what was inside these wrappers with just as much gusto, possibly more.
I've been after a set of these for a while - St. Petersburg White Knights watercolours.  They aren't professional standard, and are quite cheap, but I love the intensity of the colours and their covering power. For painting deep coloured washes and anything requiring clear bright colours, these are the business.
Whilst ordering the paints, I also stocked up on some Derwent Drawing pencils - there are some colours that seem to wear out quicker than others and have to be replaced.  I think these must be labrador/retriever colours!  The brushes are some I have been trying to find a supplier for for a couple of years now - I got a small set free with a magazine while I was painting potatoes and they were great - I used them until they literally fell apart.  Now I have some more - yay!
Things are not looking good for the tomato race.  The weather has been atrocious for weeks (months) now.  Yesterday we had blizzards - it's April for crying out loud!  I do hope we get some warmth and light soon or this will be another lean year in the garden.

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