Monday, 8 April 2013


While on a bit of hiatus waiting for feedback on a couple of scarf designs, I found myself with a bit of time to spare in which to get on with some stashbusting.  I have a lot of lovely balls of yarn that I have been collecting over the past year but never seem to have the time to utilise them.  This is a ball of sock yarn - far too pretty to be used for feet!  So I am knitting a scarf/shawlette with a cable design - it's such fun watching the colours emerge as I go along and very relaxing not having to make up the pattern myself for a change!

There has been a development regarding the tomato race between myself and Soggibottom.  Not only have our poor seedlings been struggling against adverse growing conditions, despite being indoors and nurtured, but Midge's cat decided to tip her tray of pots onto the floor....oh dear! As mine are straggly wisps with barely any secondary leaves, we have had a chat and decided to 'cheat' and buy some stronger plants from our local garden centres.  I will still persevere with my seedlings, but don't hold out much hope for them. This year it will be interesting to see if either of us even get tomatoes, let alone win!

I was going to spend some more time in the garden today after getting out there for the first time in months yesterday, but it's raining.  Oh no, guess I'll have to get on with some painting then.....what a shame!

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