Monday, 22 April 2013

Tomato Catch Up

 It's not been a good year to grow tomatoes from seed. From all the seeds I planted, I have five or six tiny seedlings which have been struggling for weeks now.  This is about the best of them.

I am luckier that my opponent over at Soggibottom - not only were her seedlings as sickly as mine, her cat threw the whole lot on the floor and finished them off completely.  So we had a chat and decided we both had to buy some ready tomato plants from our local garden centres - we did this within 24 hours of each other to try and keep things even.
Mine are still on the bedroom windowsill as it is not yet warm enough for them to go outside, but look!  Flowers already!  Could the trophy be mine again this year?  Let's not count our tomatoes before they are hatched though, there are a lot of obstacles for them to overcome before I get a ripe and edible tomato!

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