Friday, 26 April 2013

Macaw Wing Shawl

When you knit a shawl using sock yarn, you are never quite sure what pattern will emerge.  With this semi-circular design, I was fascinated to see that once the initial stripes of the border were completed, the shaping of the body of the shawl caused the yarn to make a larger section of the blues and purples.  I was put in mind of the plumage of macaws - this photo of it drying while being blocked doesn't really do it justice.
However, it has been finished quickly as I wanted it to be part of my stock tomorrow at Tweseldown Artisan Market.  If it doesn't sell there, it will be on my Etsy shop by early next week.

My Etsy shop will be shut for the next 24 hours, re-opening tomorrow evening after I have made any adjustments to items that have been sold.

1 comment:

Magpie Magic said...

Very pretty pattern and yarn. It does indeed look like a wing and would add a bit of rainbow to any style. :-) xoxo