Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Slow Going

Considering I have supposedly been freelance for over a week now, yesterday was the first day I actually had time to work in the morning as well as the afternoon.  I'm trying to get this detailed coloured pencil drawing out of the way in order to move on.  It's taking far longer than I thought, not just because I've been painting & decorating, but also because I am discovering just how much detail there is in old leaves!  I'm using Faber Castell coloured pencils which are a dream to use, especially with the new pencil sharpener I got for Christmas which hones them into a deadly point, ideal for fiddly detail.  However, it's reached the stage where I am starting to get bored, so it needs finishing before it gets abandoned.
The new work area has reached a bit of an impasse as well. Over the weekend we put up the little corner shelves and a corkboard. Kind of appropriate that the only thing on the corkboard is one lone plush brain cell...  Until the new divan with under-bed storage gets delivered, there is not much point in shifting my yarn stash upstairs.  Some of it has gone up there, but the bulk of it will go under the bed, so I can't do anything for now.  At the moment I keep wandering in there, admiring it and wandering out to go back downstairs and work in the living room - got to get a grip!

On the needles this week: bagpipes, haggis, whisky and a small dog.


Niky Sayers said...

wow your mushroom is amazing!

Caroline B said...

Thanks Niky! Hope you are well!