Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ready To Go!

Yesterday the divan was delivered and put into place. Today I filled the underbed storage with the duvet & pillows on one side and the majority of my yarn stash on the other.  Fancy wools have been kept separate in boxes on the shelves. I discovered all sorts of bits and pieces while I was sorting out boxes today - I'm not sure I will ever have time to knit with all theyarn I have accumulated over the years, which is a shame as there are some lovely skeins hidden away.

I just need to make a cover for the bed with a large piece of patchwork that I inherited when my mum died, and make some cushion covers - time to get tht sewing machine out and on the desk!

I have NEVER had anywhere to keep my materials before, let alone keep them all tidy and easily accessed. It really is so exciting and very timely, as there is plenty of work waiting in the wings.  I'm a very happy lady right now!

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