Monday, 5 January 2015

Organised Chaos

Today the world gets back to normal after the long Christmas break - I love Christmas, but would be the first one to say that it goes on for far too long.  Our tree has been taken down, cards recycled and the huge surplus of chocolates, sweets, cakes and alcohol has been condensed into one unhealthy stack in the kitchen. Time to get on with real life once again!

I have spent quite a few hours over the break decorating my son's old bedroom - he had it painted dark brown and beige, so it took quite a bit of covering, especially as I want it to now be white and pale blue. Yesterday saw the last few brushstrokes on the walls and it is now ready to receive the new furniture which should arrive within the next few hours. As well as being a spare bedroom, this will now be a craft room with a desk, and lots of storage space for all my stashes - yarn, fabric, beads etc.  Hopefully this will free up the rest of the house and my family will not have to look at great heaps of it all any longer!  It also means that if I start a project, I can leave it out until the next day rather than have to pack it all away time after time.  My sewing machine might actually get to see the light of day too!

So today will be spent constructing flat-pack furniture and doing as much as I can to get it sorted as I am absolutely champing at the bit to get on with this new chapter in my life!

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