Saturday, 12 September 2015

Moorhen - Again?

After the debacle with the last moorhen, I got very excited when someone contacted me a few days afterwards asking if I could make them a moorhen.  I thought it would be a chance to get shot of the poor unwanted one I had just made.  However, they didn't want one with wire legs and fancy feathers, they wanted a simpler one to be used as a class mascot.
So back to sewing moorhens, this time with felt legs and felt feathers.
He turned out rather nicely - love those sticky-out legs!
Today is receiving day for paintings that passed the pre-selection for the Society of Wildlife Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.  So I have to take this, all framed & pretty, up to London today and negotiate engineering works on the train lines and the Tour of Britain cycle race right where I need to go in London.  Just hoping I manage to deliver the thing without too much hassle!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, I will find out on Tuesday if it has been accepted or not - if not, that means another trip to London this week to pick it up again.  Fun & games!
Been growing some cucamelons in the garden - only two have reached the correct size so far, but at least that is something.  Can't wait to see what they taste like!

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