Friday, 4 September 2015

Portrait of a Portrait...

This is what an acrylic pet portrait looks like in the very early stages.  It's taken five days to get this far - the weekend was spent applying gesso (6 layers) to the board in order to obtain a smooth clean surface to paint on.  I hate trying to paint a detailed picture on rough canvas, it makes the small brushes I use skitter across it and lose the definition I want.

Then came the mapping out using a grid system and working from a print out of the photo I am using as reference.  I had to do this twice as unfortunately the first version was not in the right position and I was not happy to continue with it.

Once that is satisfactory, it's then the blocking in using basic colours and shapes, which is where I am at now.  The only part of this painting that is remotely anywhere near painted properly is the eyes.  Now comes the best bit, bringing this dog to life in paint.  He's a lively chap - I met with him last week and was well and truly slobbered upon!

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