Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Onwards & Upwards...

Well, sadly my painting didn't make the final cut for the Society of Wildlife Artists exhibition.  Yes, I'm disappointed but also looking at it from the point of view that it actually reached the final selection process - a first for me!  When I was checking their website to see if it had been chosen, I saw that only 57 paintings were selected for the exhibition, and looking at the numbering system I would hazard a guess that only about 200 paintings reached the final selection stage.  That's not very many considering it covers the whole country & beyond.

This is part of the email I received from the society:

"Dear Artist,
Unfortunately on this occasion your work has not been selected for the 2015 Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, 'The Natural Eye'; however, the fact that your work made it to the final selection is a very creditable achievement in itself. The Society received a high volume of submissions this year and, gallery space being limited, were only able to select a small proportion of the many strong entries."

So, disappointed, yes, downhearted, definitely not!  I'll just have to do better next year...

It did cost me a fortune though - entrance fee, framing, train fare to London x 2, it all adds up.  

The painting is back for sale in my Etsy shop - it is currently in a frame but unless it can be collected personally, I'm afraid I can't send it framed unless you are willing to pay for a courier service - risk of breakage is too high.

Currently on the needles: a gorilla, a deer's head & for some bizarre reason, a crochet blanket...

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