Friday, 31 August 2007

Silver Rain

The above is a simple curly crochet necklace in silver wire, the only beads being the irridescent glass droplets on the points of the lace, which look like rain/tears, depending on how you are feeling! The photograph does not really pick up on how delicate this looks and feels - the wire is so fine that it really ends up like lace when crocheted. £20 + p&p
There may well be a bracelet to match this as I have a few of the beads left.
A simple necklace and bracelet set using blue/silver flower beads on silver wire. The necklace has clear glass seed beads as well. Necklace £12, Bracelet £5 + p&p

Tonight is the preview of the Best of Hampshire Artists Exhibition, so we will be putting on our best clothes and toddling down there for our free glass of wine and to see who has won the prizes. Fingers crossed, but I think my work is too 'diverse' to win traditional prizes - I'll just be glad to sell one or two!

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fhiona galloway said...

that's beautiful Caroline. Really delicate and magical looking. Could imagine an ice queen wearing it-very theatrical.