Monday, 12 November 2007

Experimental Duck

This is a little something cooked up yesterday - my son is really taken with the idea of his designs being made into toys and asked if I could make up this to see if it would work. It is a fairly simple idea for a first attempt and I had to cobble up a pattern from looking at his design on the computer and then try to make it as best I could with what resources I had at home.

Bearing in mind that my son is a 23 year old Animation graduate, I think it is a pretty neat design and I can only apologise for the shoddy stitching which seems to have appeared when photographing this. (It doesn't show in real life, I can't understand why the flash
picks up every tiny thread.)

If you would like to see some of George's more professional art, please click on the link to your left - Monstertree. If you would like to employ him in some shape or form, please get in touch - poor lad has been job-hunting since graduating and is feeling pretty desperate!

If there is anything of his you would like turned into a felt toy (within reason!) also get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

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Laura said...

I think you've done a fab job there, Caroline!

I've just been looking at George's website - there's some fantastic work on there! I love the 3D render of the lightsaber hilt. It's just beautiful.

Laura x