Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Gone to the Dogs.....

Here is the result of a couple of days planning and sewing - a felt model of my own dog! It's loosely based on my saluki, using an adaptation of the large felt dog pattern I made a while ago. I slimmed down the body, gave it a deeper chest, lengthened the muzzle, legs, tail and ears and gave the tail and ears fronds. He has the daft little 'melon seed' eyebrows, and a very smart leather collar with the obligatory tassel that all salukis must have! I'm really pleased with how it came out although if I were to make it again I would slim the face and front legs down even further as salukis are very delicately made.
This is a more lifelike pose for a saluki - running like the wind!
Until I put a few anchoring stitches in the ears, they were horizontal like a bird's wings which is how they go when the dog runs, but it looked a tad silly when just sat there!

And this is generally the dopey expression I'm greeted with!!

I made this little Jack Russell mascot as well, but this was from my recently acquired book, slightly adapted as I added the patch and made the ears a bit more jaunty. This is going to be a brooch - I'd wear it, don't know about anyone else........ SOLD - but I will take orders...

I do have a million other things to be making, but I feel the felt dog obsession taking over.....commissions undertaken!


natural attrill said...

Animal brooches are a good idea, bet they'd sell well at xmas fayres, nice little gifts for people.

Helz said...

Ahh Caroline, I just love the black and white dog! He has a very 50's look to him, very lovely. Helz x

Eliea said...

I just found you blog while googling something else. Your felt animals are adorable! I was wondering if you happened to share the pattern for the saluki dog in this post?
I've seen some other dogs online that are very simillar and have been trying to find a pattern for my mom.
anyways your blog is lovely and I've enjoyed reading it today! Keep crafting!

Eliea said...

Thanks for commenting back so fast! Wow! Yes I would love a copy. Posted on your blog or in an e-mail would be great!
I temporally set my profile to show my e-mail address in case you want to go that route.
I really appreciate this!
My mom happened to see a felt dog very similar to yours on Craftster.org and fell in love with it so I'd love to make her one. :)