Friday, 9 November 2007


Finally the postman delivered my books! They were waiting on the doorstep when I got home from work today. The knitting book is actually a present for my sister and contains some beautiful knitted children's wear. Not really my thing though - got no-one that size to knit for any more! The book I've been waiting for is The Cute Book - full of felt (whoops, I thought they were crocheted from the tiny illustrations on Amazon) mascots. Although I am wondering why on earth anyone would consider this........
.........cute!! Personally, I think it is cool and can see myself making one for the hell of it, but cute? Not in a million years!

Change of subject: I got given this today by a small boy in the class I am currently working in. He's been in a bit of trouble this past week so today was very remorseful and showering all the teaching staff with pictures. It wasn't until I went to go home and had a really good look at this I realised it was a picture of me, with my green skirt, brown cardi, manic blonde hair with the glasses perched on top of the head! (Bit worried about the giant pink hands he gave us all though...) Ahhh, guess we'll have to forgive him....

Nothing made to show today - started making the dishcloth (???) last night and was asleep in front of the TV by 7.50. Who needs Horlicks!

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