Monday, 5 November 2007

Three More Necklaces...

After taking an hour to sort out my bead tray and amalgamate the new beads into my containers, I have been knuckling down to making some jewellery. I began yesterday by producing some Fimo pebble beads, a process I loathe and despise for the mess and time it takes, but the results are worth it. The above is a necklace with five 'stone' beads interspersed with silver wire spirals all on a soft grey suede thong. Very understated (unusual for me!) and would go very well with the Winter greys in fashion at the moment. £10 + P&P
This is a simple bronze chain necklace with dark tubular beads - I can't say what colour they are as they change with the light - they are dark with a sheen of purple, green or blue, depending on the angle you look at them. Again, quite simple, but the beads make such a statement they don't need any further additions. £12 + P&P
Finally, back to my favourite frivolity, flowers and butterflies. These are small lilac glass flowers on a silver hand-made chain, with a couple of frosted glass butterflies. Very delicate and pretty. £15 + P&P

Not too sure what to do today - so many ideas to choose from!

On a different note, anybody else hate this time of year? We have had three nights of fireworks so far with the promise of more to come this evening. My poor little dog spends half his life behind the sofa at the moment, moaning and hyperventilating at each loud bang. I have to ensure he goes out for a pee before dark as there is no way we can cajole him outside once the noise begins, and we have to wait until very late to let him out again and hope there won't be that last damn rocket that will send him scuttling back behind the sofa, bladder still full. We have had him for over ten years, but I don't think he has ever got over being a stray in London during the first week of November. I dose him up with a homeopathic remedy which seems to help a little, but it makes me so sad to see him turn from a happy little chap whose tail never stops wagging to a hysterical wreck cowering and quivering.

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