Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Pink Teddy

Here is the sum total of yesterday's arts'n'crafts - just the one pink teddy bear. I've shown it next to the miniature one (which is now a brooch) to get an idea of the size, about 5 inches tall. I don't know what it is about making these bears, but I always end up dozing off - is it the soothing repetitiveness or are they just plain boring to make? I think I have had enough of them now - I'm still awaiting my Amigurumi book from Amazon (damn you Super Saver Delivery, why did I choose the slowest way just to save a couple of quid!) and want to see what I can make from that. Oh well, there are plenty of other things to be getting on with in the meantime....
Both bears SOLD!


backpakker said...

thats a lovely colour

fhiona galloway said...

that pink ted really needs to slim down those legs-he he!!
Grey ted is so darling!
Nice work Caroline!

Caroline B said...

I know, Fhi - the pattern makes the legs that big but I find them a bit worrying. Let's just call it foreshortening due to the photo - that's what I say about pictures of me too!

Laura said...

Aw! I love the teddies.

I hope your Amigurumi book arrives soon!

Laura x

natural attrill said...

I get that foreshortening thing too!