Friday, 7 December 2007

Bah Humbug!

Since posting about my giveaway, I have only received one person's comment entering the draw. Now I know that at least one other person has tried to reach me - Penny, you are now officially entered - and failed. If anyone else has tried to leave a comment and not seen it come up here, it's not because I am screening e-mails but because I just haven't received any! So please do try again, and if you fail, please e-mail me properly and let me know so that I can enter you. Hopefully this will be sorted soon!
Woohoo, I found all your comments! They were hidden away on the blog's inner workings and had never come through to my e-mail account. Sorry about the technical hitch, I'll check there again just in case over the next few days. Thank goodness that's sorted!

1 comment:

natural attrill said...

Hey Caroline, what do you mean I've entered, and failed, you not letting me have that lovely necklace then? (only joking, I know what you mean really!)