Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Chunky Waistcoat

On my birthday we went to Eastleigh for shopping (got a great full length waterproof coat with hood for walking the hounds - thus guaranteeing that we won't have any more rain this winter...) and whilst there we popped into Lydll. Now you wouldn't think in a grocery-centred store you would find yarn, but I did - a pack of six balls of chunky navy wool and a No.8 circular needle for £6.99 - woohoo! Never one to pass up a bargain, bought it, knitted it and the above is the result.
It's an asymmetrical waistcoat with a large side trimmed with a tassel to be flung over one's shoulder in a rakish manner and thus covering your front; a patterned smaller side, and the back has an inverted v shape hemline and a chunky cable up the centre. I am so pleased with this - it was a pattern hidden away in an old magazine and didn't look like much in the yarn they used. The added bonus is that when I ironed and shaped it, I discovered (by the smell of old sheep!) that it was also pure wool - what a bonus!

So I'm off to swan around at work (last day of term - thank the Lord!) in my new knitting....


natural attrill said...

Nice to hear that you're smelling of an old sheep, hope the school kids appreciate it, heee hee!!

Caroline B said...

Cheeky!! I meant from the heat and steam of the iron - it was early when I wrote the post so probably thought everyone knew what I was on about! After some of the smells in the classroom today, an old sheep would have been preferable - who knew such small children could produce such extremely large pongs!!

natural attrill said...

Sorry Caroline, I was only joking!The waiscoat is lovely.

backpakker said...

what a nice waistcoat :)