Monday, 17 December 2007

Sneaky Peek

The above is a set I was commissioned to make a couple of weeks ago, finally finished after I managed to locate the thong. Incredible how I had to travel about 50 miles to find any dark brown suede thong - I wonder who bought it all in our area!!

Very excited as I have ordered some brass giraffes and zebras from My Vintage Charms which should be arriving tomorrow if I am lucky. I have already got plans for the zebras, with special beads ready and waiting! I also somehow ordered some pink glum monkey charms, some brass dove & heart charms and a large cabochon with a picture of flamingoes on this space!


natural attrill said...

The brown and turquoise look lovely together.

ladylinoleum said...

That is such a stunning set! I love browns with blues. My fave.

backpakker said...

I love this shade of blue..its a favourite and the design looks stunning