Sunday, 2 December 2007

A Big Thank You...

Thanks to everyone who visited my stall on Friday and Saturday at the Tavistock and All Saints Christmas fairs, especially those lovely people who bought my wares! It was interesting to see what went and I now realise that I have to make a lot more little felt/crochet animals in future!!!! Good! All the hard work and rushing around was worth the effort and we shall have a very nice Christmas in our house this year - thank you!

In amongst that, I have also been entertaining my sister and niece. We went to the Big Bead Fair Saturday - no pictures to show you because it was absolute chaos in there! So many people (mainly women) crowding round so many stalls, all eager to get their sticky mitts on the precious things...... We battled our way round, spent our money on various treasures, had a hot tea and a cold bacon butty outside on the steps in the cold and then decided we had had enough! So much for getting an 'early bird' ticket to beat the crowds - the crowds all had the same idea!

Some more good news for me - I got another commission, from Greece this time, for a painting of a young lady and her horse. Guess I know what I'll be doing over the next couple of months, together with the previous doggy commission!

More on the Christmas giveaway in the next post - just now deciding what will be the booty!


natural attrill said...

Might have known you'd buy some fish buttons!
Bead fair sounds like the jumble sales i used to go to years ago, lots of old ladies elbowing into the crowds to find the loot! I used to love them.
Congrats on the commission, well done!

Caroline B said...

It certainly was like that Penny - I was trying not to be rude about the manic old ladies, but they were pretty scary some of them!
Talking of which, my sister has given me a tartan shopping trolley....booohooohooo, it's the beginning of the end!
Caroline x

backpakker said...

lovely ...I liked muffin as well you are all set for the festive season :)

fhiona galloway said...

you sound in hight spirits Caroline-well done with commission-hope it goes well for you.
Beads etc look'll be kept busy with them and also nice to hear your fair went well for you :0)