Friday, 14 December 2007

Blue Bird of Happiness...

As well as working on a set of commissioned jewellery last night (can't show you as I haven't quite finished yet - need brown suede thong...) , I also made the above little necklace. This has as it's focal point a vintage brass flying swallow, and I have put him on a hand-made gold plated wire chain with some dark blue glass hearts and seed beads. It is choker length and I absolutely adore it! I will be selling this for £15 + P&P but feel it necessary to order another swallow and make one for myself! Better get in quick if you want it before I just keep it anyway..

One and a half more days left to put your names down for the Christmas Giveaway - it has been very exciting seeing from which corners of the world people are visiting my blog from.

Next post will be the announcement of the winner - not doing anything tomorrow as it is my birthday and I am being taken out shopping and hopefully being waited on hand and foot by my adoring family........well, I can dream can't I? For those of you who have the temerity to ask, I shall be forty-mutter-mumble-cough years old..........sigh!


Laura said...

Lovely necklace, Caroline.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! :o)

Laura x said...

Hope you got well and truly spoiled.

natural attrill said...

Sweet birdie!